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LVS can aid with design and manufacture technical moulds and injection moulds for the automotive industry.

Applications include

• Interior Panels
• Interior Finishings
• All Under Bonet Applications
• Air Intake Systems

The design department has many years of experience of solving design problems and can provide the most cost effective tooling solution for your application.

We can also provide advice on component design to ensure tooling manufacture and moulding problems can be addressed and eliminated at the design stage.

Current Clients in Automotive are JCB / Jaguar Landrover / Bentley


Over the past 30 years, agricultural output and productivity has significantly increased year on year. For players in the market the business is a challenging one with many conflicting trends. With population growth and rising per capita calorie intake demands greater food production so has the demand for the use of plastics within this industry sector.

LVS have worked on innovative projects which have required hi-end mouldings in the replacing of Steel or Aluminum. Knowledge of the materials has been key to the success of these projects. Having an understanding for High-end lightweight grade materials to construct multi component mouldings is the key to generating cost-effective solutions for Clients working within the Agricultural sector.


LVS is an ISO certified business for its products like Electrical PVC Conduits and Cable Trunking and Ducting System. We can assist in the Manufacturer and Supply of electrical product and accessories moulded to your specification.

We also have experience with projects in the following areas

• Smoke alarms
• Telephones
• Printers
• LCD display units
• Automotive under bonnet requirments
• Electric motors

White goods

Design, high output and reduction of processing costs are key to meet market demands for moulding technical items such as kitchenware appliances. There is a continually growing market demanding even higher accuracy and an appealing design which needs innovative technological solutions.

We also manufacture high volumes of ‘A’ surface and internal components for leading manufacturers of household showers, as well as hygiene and bathroom products

We also work with areas such as:

• Gardening equipment
• Pet products
• Toys
• Household equipment