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LVS Small Plastic Parts Ltd is experienced in the selection of plastic material for any application, and regularly advises customers concerning the most suitable material for any given application. With more than 35 years of plastic moulding experience, the company has processed most materials currently available on the market today.

LVS can help you decide on the best materials for the job to ensure that you manufacture products to the highest standards. With the experience the members of the LVS team bring to your projects, you can be sure of a boost in the quality of your production

The following list shows which materials have been used the most in the projects that LVS has been involved with over last five years

• Acetal – Homopolymer and Copolymer
• Nylons – Many grades of glass filled and unfilled
• Polyolefins – Low density, High density, Polypropylenes
• Polystyrenes – including ABS
• Polycarbonate – including alloys
• Thermoplastic Elastomers -TPEs, TPUs (Hytrel, Polyurethane)