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LVS is one of the UK’s leading injection moulding companies. Our main production area is equipped with 35 moulding machines of various sizes, ranging from 22 tonne to 800 tonnes clamping pressures. These machines are predominantly manufactured by Boy, with the recent additions from Negri Bossi. This provides LVS with the capability to mould shot weights from 0.1 gram to over 4kg’s with flexible production runs.

To ensure competiveness in the year 2000, the company introduced lean manufacturing techniques that included the procurement of robotic machines to reduce labour levels. With a highly flexible range of machines, LVS are often tasked with a low production run of a few hundred to millions per annum of particular components.

Today, LVS Small Plastic Parts can manufacture around the clock using highly skilled and experienced technicians. The company uses a variety of shift patterns to ensure the flexibility to turn round fast track orders and allow a large output of components.

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Production Line

LVS Small Plastic Parts has the expertise, flexibility, and facilities to add the finishing touches to your product, including trimming, ultrasonic welding, testing, machining, multi-component assembly, and packaging ready for point-of-sale. These additional services are complimented by the use of printing and chrome-plating plastic components by local business partners.

Production Monitoring System

In 2015 the company heavily invested in new real time production monitoring system called InTouch. This system is linked to all moulding machines, assembly machines and also printing machines. This allows the continuous monitoring of production output, scrap levels and manufacturing efficiencies to ensure the production plan and customer delivery date is met. This system gives us full visibility of the timing for the production of an order, which gives us the ability to react to any issues before they can impact on our customers delivery schedules.

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