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The company remains flexible and adaptable to customers’ requirements in respect of quality, and has a culture of striving for continuous improvement.

To compliment the Quality Department, we operate a full-time metrology room that houses the CMM equipment as well as CNC visions systems that provide us with the ability to measure split line and surface condition. This facility enables the company to provide ISIRs, PPAPS and full SPC when required.

As a part of our success within the automotive sector we have utilised A NUMBER OF ELEMENTS FROM THE TS 16949 automotive standard as well as its German equivalent VDA6.3 .

LVS constantly strives for a zero-defect environment, and our ppm is generally well below that of its competitors.

Green Credentials

The company has established ethics and environmental policies that are available on request.

Working with the Carbon Trust, LVS Small Plastic Parts has introduced the energy management system to assist in our commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes regularly replacing moulding machines with more modern energy and efficient equipment.

During the last two years, LVS has also invested heavily in recycling equipment to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. The company continues to invest in this area, and has recently negotiated with a large blue-chip company to reprocess its plastic waste back into its products. As well as reprocessing its own scrap/waste material wherever possible, LVS also handles scrap/waste material from its customers.